Sunday, July 29, 2007

I went to a wedding in a fake church

My friend's husband's brother got married on Saturday and his mother asked if I would join them to see the ceremony. It was not a traditional shinto ceremony, and it was not a Christian ceremony but a garden party style wedding. They first introduced all the family to each other. That is the job of the father of the bride and groom to make the introductions. I was part of that group because I was tagging along with my friend. She told me just to smile, and I didn't have to understand what they were saying. The bride and groom were there together, and then we all had to sign that we were witnesses to the wedding. Then we all went into the fake church-it had all the symbols of a real church except the cross or Jesus. The bride's family was on one side, groom's on the other, and then the groom bowed and walked down the aisle. Each person on the aisle handed him a white rose. At the front of the church the groom now had a bouquet. Then the bride bowed and walked down the aisle with her father. At the front the father and husband bowed and then the father sat down and the bride and groom were together at the front. The groom passed the bouquet to the bride and said something like "let's get married" (maybe a loose translation). The bride then took one rose and pinned it on his jacket and said "I agree". Then they read the vows together in unison, and then the rings were passed down the outside aisles along a long ribbon to the front where the fathers attached the rings to the ring pillow and the fathers presented that to the couple. After the exchange of rings, and the kiss, they signed a document, and the fathers signed, and then it was shown that we had also signed, and then the wedding part was done. We then went outside the fake church which had fake church steps and a fake steeple and everything, and then did a flower shower (we threw rose petals on them as they came down the stairs). The bride did the bouquet toss, and then everyone was lined up to be in a picture. The event took maybe an hour in total, and was quite interesting. Different from anything I had ever seen. There would be a party to follow, but I had to continue my journey.

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