Saturday, August 11, 2007


We made a plan to meet another friend and her family at Everland yesterday. It is a huge amusement park, 30-40 minutes by bus from Seoul. It is like Canada's Wonderland fused with the desire to be Disney land. There were lots of rides and parades every few hours, magic shows and circus performances, we even saw African dancing. The weather was great, and the lines took no more than 40 minutes per ride. We rode roller coasters and water rides all day, stopping to have lunch and dinner with my other friend's family. Her two little kids are so cute!

Before lunch we went to the summer splash parade. We were warned before hand that we might get wet, and they passed out plastic bags to put cameras and phones and wallets into...I had no idea what was to come. There was singing and dancing and parade floats, and everyone around seemed to have water guns and rain coats on. There was a little water being sprayed on the crowd, and I thought that it was not that bad, until suddenly from the rooftops they started spraying water cannons. It was suddenly a torrential downpour and we were soaked that way for the next 10 minutes. So from about 1:00 onward we were soaking wet, with squishy shoes and socks. We continued to ride rides until about 9:30, when we caught the bus back. We were a bit sunburned and quite tired, and there were no seats on the bus so we balanced standing up hanging on to the handles all the way back. It was such a fun day!

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